Friday, April 27, 2012

Image Reborn April 2012 Retreat in Park City

Many of us are SURVIVORS, those who survive day to day- but there are some who face the crossroads of not just merely surviving, but the choice of whether or not they want to LIVE.
The day that comes when Life isn’t for granted anymore, the moment when the sun rises over the Utah mountaintops and you don’t know if you’ll have another morning, when the reality of your own existence isn’t a given but a fragile dream you cradle ever so carefully in trembling hands.
Working with Image Reborn; I get to spend a short time with women who have faced their own  mortality, who have asked the question “Do I want to Live?” and after choosing “YES” got to dig deep, face fears, walk through their own personal fire to do it.
Thank you.

I asked each of these women what their FAVORITE part about LIFE/LIVING is and I'm listing their answers here along with their portraits.

Connelle: Family, Sunrises and Sunsets.

Denice: Simple things like baths, butterflies, humming birds. Love from my family and friends and my husband is my soul mate forever...

Inga: My family, quiet time, nature. I love everything God created.

Angie: Being with my Family, Temple, and Nature.

Vikki Fredrickson: My family, Love, Service, Nature, Birds Singing, the smell of fresh mowed Grass.

Maggie: Outdoors, Wildlife, Reading, my Family, my Friends, the Ocean, and body of Water.

Anne Marie: My Family, Friends, and Church as made my life Great.

Keiko: Park City, Music

Janelle: Spending time with those I Love. Snuggling up in bed with my Family. Travel and Exploring new places, trying new foods in new Cities.

Sheila: Spending time with my Children and Giving to Others. Making people laugh. Travel- meet new people and adventures.

We use our hands to comfort one another. To reach out FOR others and to reach out TO others. A gentle hand on our shoulders when we cry. Mothers fingers caressing their childrens faces and wiping away tears. A friends hand holding our own. A Lovers touch.
No One "gets" a woman, like another woman.... especially those who have walked a similar path as our own. Thank you for teaching me how beautiful and powerful we are as we LOVE and SUPPORT and Accept one another.

Katie Welch

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